Stand in the Gap (1 Player Solitaire Game)

Players- 1

Playing time- 5-10 minutes

Type- Strategy

Age- 10+

Need- 1 deck of cards

Object- Build wall around castle with at least one A in the middle

Learning time- 5-10 minutes

How to play:

1) Place 4 A's in a block formation. This is your castle.

2) Flip cards one at a time and place them on the board next to another card (horizontally or vertically).
* Numbered cards must be placed in succession of increasing (+1) or decreasing (-1) order with the card next to it (vertically and horizontally, but not necessarily diagonally).
* Identical numbers may also be placed next to each other.
* A's, Jacks, Queens and Kings are neutral and are not counted as part of succession order.

3) If a King is placed on the board, nothing happens until a Jack is placed on the board and visa versa.

4) When at least one King and one Jack are on the board, move whichever was placed first.
* If Kings were placed first, move the King nearest to an A first. (use same directional order below)

5) Kings move to eliminate A's. Jacks move to eliminate Kings.

6) If any King is eliminated, discard the Jack and return to normal play until at least one King and one Jack are on the board again simultaneously.

7) Build a wall of cards around your castle (4 A's) with at least one A remaining when the deck runs out to win.

How to lose:

1) All A's are eliminated.
2) You cannot make a move.
3) You do not have a complete wall encircling your castle when your deck runs out.

Special Cards:

Kings: Assassin Cards
a) Place them on the board so they are nearest in proximity to an A.
b) If there are multiple options, then use the following order to place the King:
<1> Right <2> Down <3> Left <4> Up
* For example: If there are 2 places for a King that are both 1 space away from an A, then place the King so that it will move to the right for its first attack. If that's not an option, place it so it will move down for its first attack. If that's not an option, place it so it will move left for its first attack.
* When in doubt on how to move a King, use the best choice.
* Kings cannot eliminate Jacks in any circumstances, neither will they purposefully land on top of Jacks.
* If a King cannot make a move, discard it along with 1 Jack.

Queens: Blocking Cards
a) Place anywhere on the board touching another card (horizontally or vertically).
b) These cards cannot be passed through, eliminated or moved from their original location.
c) These cards (like Jacks and Kings) are not counted as numbered cards and can therefore be used to fill in gaps in your wall, such as between a 2 and a 9.

Jacks: Attacking Cards
a) Place anywhere on the board touching another card (horizontally or vertically).
b) These cards seek to eliminate any King, then they are discarded from the game.
* 1 Jack cannot eliminate 2 Kings. A spade and club cannot make a move that will pass through 2 Kings. A heart may have 2 Kings on either side of it to eliminate, but can only choose 1 to discard.
* After being placed on the board, Jacks and Kings can only move through or on previous placed cards (with the exception of Queens).

Jokers: Bomb Cards
a) Place anywhere on top of another numbered card.
b) Discard all cards surrounding the Joker (even diagonally, but not Queens, Jacks or Kings).
* If the first card you draw in the game is a Joker, you lose.

King and Jack Abilities:
Diamond- can only move 1 space horizontally and vertically or up to 2 spaces diagonally (discard all cards passed over and landed on).
Spade- moves 1 or 2 spaces vertically or horizontally (discard all cards passed over and landed on).
Club- moves in an 'L' shape, 1 space horizontally and 1 space vertically or visa versa (discard all cards passed over and landed on).
Heart- only moves 1 space vertically or horizontally. If it moves vertically, discard the cards next to it in both horizontal directions. If it moves horizontally, discard the cards next to it in both vertical directions.

* Play with 2 people by having someone control the Kings.

Here's an example of how to play:

1 Jack appears.

1 King appears.

Jack eliminates King.

Jack is discarded.

2 Kings appear.

1 Joker appears.

3 cards are eliminated by the Joker.

1 Jack appears.

The King closest to the top moves to eliminate 2 Aces.
The Jack moves to eliminate an Ace, a King and the 2 of hearts.

Jack is discarded.

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