The Lure of Blood (A Short Story)

The villainous creature sunk its teeth into the bared neck of my fiancee. I was too late. Now she would never die and I would live to die a thousand agonizing deaths.

I saw the eyes of that monster light up from the purest form of pleasure as he drained the blood from her jugular vein. The beauty of her youthful skin paled as her countenance released its grip on who she was. Her life was in the blood and he was stealing it away from me.

I fell back into the thick mahogany wood of the wardrobe behind me. The creature was alerted to my presence, but he wasn't threatened in any way. His dark eyes penetrated mine as he finished his long drink.

A thousand emotions hit me at once. I wanted to scream in anger, catapult myself onto the bed that my Elizabeth lay upon and squeeze the life from that monster, but of course, there was no life in him. Vampires are absent of blood and where there is no blood, there is no life.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, a quiet rational thought competed with loud emotions for me to run away; flee the danger in front of me, but my Elizabeth was there. Where else could I go?

When her eyes opened again, I was left staring at a stranger. She seemed so... pale, lifeless and dark, not the vibrant, innocent girl I was to marry.

The vampire wiped his mouth from the warm blood that seemed to stain his chin, keeping his gaze locked on mine. A distant howl sent shivers down my spine and I was reminded that only the full moon's light enabled me to see anything at all.

I turned my head around to the bedroom door behind me, ensuring I still had an escape route, but with a rush of wind, the door slammed shut and the vampire blocked my retreat.

I relaxed my shoulders, knowing I was his next victim and there was no power in my possession that could grapple with his speed of strength. I looked back to my Elizabeth as the smooth voice echoed past me.


Elizabeth was crouching low on her bed, still wearing her elegant night gown that was now stained in blood. Calling her name had no effect on her. She was one of them now, lost in immortality.

She lunged forward with the grace of a lady and the speed of an arrow. Sharpened canine teeth were bared and aiming for my neck. I knew there was only one thing she wanted.



All of them were desperate for it, but their bodies could never absorb it. They could only manage a taste. Not like our bodies that were designed to store and replenish the blue-red substance. It was the same thing all of us wanted. We were all addicted to blood, but never knowing where the source was.

Except me.

I found it.

I had run out of time for wondering if it was true or not. There remained only unwavering faith within me. There was a source to all blood and I was connected to that source.

That was the last thought in my mind before Elizabeth pierced through my soft neck with her sharpened teeth. The quick sting of pain sent me into shock and I couldn't fight back against her new found strength.

I relaxed under her grip, imagining the ecstasy coursing through her body. Then the vampire was rushing past, separating my Elizabeth from me as I collapsed onto the floor.

I could barely make out the side of her face with my blurred vision, but I could never miss the change in her. My Elizabeth was back, along with her flushed cheeks and bright blue eyes.


I rocked onto my knees, holding my neck that still throbbed from pain.


The vampire turned to face me with the most surreal look of shock I had ever seen. His dark eyes remained just as cold as ever as he flew from the window, leaving the curtains blowing with the wind.

And then my Elizabeth came for me, stained with blood though wearing a clear recognition on her face.

"Edmonton... what happened?"

I held her hands tightly as she lifted me from the floor. "The blood of the lamb."

She shook her head like she was trying to throw the confusion off of her. "You mean it's true?"

"Yes, my love," I said, pleading with her as I always did. "There is life in the blood, even the blood that was spilled to purchase us from the works of the evil one."

"Where?" she said hastily as though I would make it appear for her.

"Faith," I answered simply. "It's applied to us through faith in his name."

Elizabeth's knees seemed to buckle from underneath her, but I caught her, gripping her arms tightly.

"I was gone..."

Her words made me cringe. I was too late, but then she returned. "And now you're here, with me."

"And you want me to accept everything you've ever told me?" she asked, her warm eyes unable to mask her reluctance.

"No," I said, shocking her awake to focus on my next words. "I want you to find life, just as I did."

Elizabeth looked into my eyes like she was searching for something. Then she buried herself in my chest and I relaxed against her touch.

And I could have relaxed completely if not for the quick flash of a shadow passing over the window. I knew what it was. It was irresistible:

The Lure of Blood

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