Auctioneer (Classroom Edition)

Players- 4+

Playing time- 5-10 minutes

Type- Money

Age- 8+

Need- Paper money

Object- Most points

Learning time- 2 minutes

How to play:

1) Choose 1 person to be the auctioneer. The auctioneer writes a hidden list of 5 items and assigns 1 of each of the following point values: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Point values are based upon what the auctioneer thinks is valuable (2 is the least valuable and 10 is the most valuable). Only the auctioneer knows the point values.

2) Draw 5 boxes on the board. Only draw or write the first item in the first box.

3) The auctioneer asks a starting bid, then waits until all teams finish bidding.
*For example: The pencil is the first item and it sold for $100.

4) The auctioneer reveals the second item and bidding begins. Continue until all 5 items are sold.

5) The auctioneer reveals the point values for each item. Count points for each team to decide the winner.

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