Where's the Princess? (Classroom Edition)

Players- 5-12

Playing time- 10 minutes

Type- Guessing

Age- 8+

Need- 1 deck of cards

Object- Find the Princess

Learning time- 2 minutes

How to play:

1) Choose 1 person to be the Prince. The Prince leaves the room while you pass out identity cards.

2) Shuffle an even number of Butler and Jester cards and include 1 Princess and 1 Dragon. Pass out 1 card to each player. All players (except the Prince) may know each person's identity.
* If there are 9 people: 1 Prince, 1 Princess, 1 Dragon, 3 Butlers and 3 Jesters.
* If there are an even number of people, add an extra Butler or Jester.

3) The Prince returns to the room and asks each player 1 of 3 questions:
a. Where is the princess?
b. Who are you?
c. Who is he/she?

4) Players must answer the Prince's questions according to their identity card.
a. Butlers always tell the truth.
b. Jesters never tell the truth.
c. The Princess can choose to tell the truth or not.
d. If asked "Where is the Princess?", the Dragon doesn't answer. Instead, he or she chooses 1 person in the game whom the Prince can no longer ask any questions. If asked "Who are you?" or "Who is he/she?", the Dragon tells the truth.

5) After the Prince asks each player 1 question, he or she can choose 1 additional person to ask 1 additional question.

6) The Prince gets 2 chances to guess which person is the Princess.
a. Correct guess on first try: 5 points.
b. Correct guess on second try: 3 points.
c. Cannot guess correctly: all other players get 3 points.

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