Copyright Infringement (Spoken Word)

Don't you know, I'm nothing without you and everything with you.

And that could never be true of another person.

You're big enough to hold entire galaxies in your hands, yet those hands are small enough that one day they'll wipe the tears from my eyes.

And to think at one point I didn't even know you.

Looking back, I can see how empty I was, but I was totally unaware.

Without a measuring stick to compare, my emptiness may feel like fullness when compared with another.

But on the day I met you, it was like spring in full bloom.

My heart exploded with new meaning, endless possibilities.

The older I get, the less I know.

But to just know you is enough to fill the universe with books and still not contain all of who you are.

You're not the warmth from the sunshine on a cloudless day, for you created the light.

You're not a sweet melody with a happy tune, for this world is your sheet music.

And I'm the song you're composing like reflections from the moon.

You're not the love between a boy and a girl, for you are love.

And to define you based on our own concepts of love is to get it backwards.

You are the source of every good thing  creativity, life, rhythm and science.

How could I ever take the credit for such things?

That would be copyright infringement to the infinite degree.

And yet we've all done it without even realizing it before we knew you.

We're all guilty of a crime, committed in ignorance.

For how can we give credit where credit is due if we don't even know you?

And so none of it would be fair if you didn't reveal yourself through your son, Jesus Christ.

Just to be clear, he is the center of all things.

Everything that was made was made through him.

He's the source of the whole of creation.

And yet there's no one like him.

He's the light of the world, the bread come down from heaven, the bright morning star.

The prince of peace, Lord of lords and King of kings, full of grace and truth.

His truth revealed we've all sinned against heaven.

And his grace made a way back to God by paying the ultimate price for our copyright crimes.

And then he refreshed us with new life, making us a new species of humanity.

Knowing our Creator and living every day to reflect who he is to the world.

And in everything we do, we give all the credit to the one and only true God and his Son  Jesus Christ.

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