How to add Depth to your Writing (For Beginners)

Simple elements to use in writing poetry, spoken word or story.

1~ Opposites

Describe something using opposite words or compare two things on opposite sides of a spectrum.

You're big enough to hold entire galaxies in your hands, yet those hands are small enough that one day they'll wipe the tears from my eyes.

2~ Rhyme

You can rhyme whole words, or syllables within different words anywhere in a sentence (not necessarily the end).

Looking back, I can see how empty I was, but I was totally unaware.
Without a measuring stick to compare, my emptiness may feel like fullness when compared with another.

3~ Metaphor

Use like or as to compare two things that usually may not go together.

But on the day I met you, it was like spring in full bloom.

4~ Exaggeration

Describe something in a way that could never really happen to show emphasis.

My heart exploded with new meaning, endless possibilities.

5~ Wisdom

Use famous sayings or proverbs to add familiarity and meaning.

The older I get, the less I know.

6~ Emotion

Share how you feel from the heart to draw the reader/listener deeper into your art.

But to just know you is enough to fill the universe with books and still not contain all of who you are.

7~ Redefinition

Use a common term and reapply it to a new situation.

You are the source of every good thing – creativity, life, rhythm and science.
How could I ever take the credit for such things?
That would be copyright infringement to the infinite degree.

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