Hope Transmitter (A Dream)

"What if something happens to you?"

I knew the underlying implications in his words. I was a walking timb bomb waiting to go off. It was only a matter of time.

I answered with the first blunt words that came to my head. Honestly, it could really do a lot of damage.

"Then one day I won't be here, and you'll look back and say, Why didn't I love him?"

He looked back in the rearview mirror, his face molding before my eyes like I had dealt him a lethal blow. Then the pain came, manifesting in those tears that I can only describe as precious.

I felt the emotions. It sucked all the life from me. How could a few words cause such a reaction? It was like each one was a potent ingredient in some scientist's concoction.

"From the time we were small..." I continued, trailing off in my own head.

Our wounds went so deep. Was it possible to redeem a relationship this broken?

Though the obvious answer was no, I felt a small prick of hope coming from some external source. But who?

Who could be transmitting such unthinkable hope when the wounds ran this deep?

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