How our Political Economics got Crushed between a Rock and a Hard Place

Free market capitalism is statistically one of the fastest growing economic methods.

The reason is simple: intense competition encourages innovation and new creative ideas.

However, there is a dark side to any system without checks and balances.

For today's modern manufacturing world, something is always at stake, such as international peace, personal freedoms or environmental protection.

Here's the difficulty: capitalism requires that ever-increasing growth to compete in a world market and yet the more forced growth, the more one of those other things will take a hit.

Much politics is trying to nullify one of these consequences.

Either they will push for more regulations on states or corporations in hopes of securing peace, freedoms or a cleaner planet...

Or they will see regulations as the main hinderance to economic growth.

Both angles are true and right, but it's so very hard to agree on where to draw the line on either side.

I believe it will benefit both sides to consider the problem from the other angle.

Yes, we are under pressure to grow the economy under this system, but there is always a cost to rapid growth.

And yes, we must intentionally pursue positive international relations, internal freedoms and protection for our planet, but we must also come to realize that global pressures under the current system make that increasingly difficult.

Are you willing to lose political and economic positions of power in the world to see the results you want?

Are you willing to gain the whole world at the cost of people's lives?

These are the hard questions we must ask before making any decision in the political realm.

However, I do applaud those who are willing to take a stand for moral issues regardless of the challenges.

We need these voices.

And no matter what kind of political system you live under, your voice can make a difference.

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