Inner Healing Freedom Declarations

I refuse to be the object of your worship anymore.

I refuse to be blamed for your misplaced faith.

I refuse to let the scars you gave me affect my future relationships.

I refuse to be manipulated into forced affection.

I refuse to cower in fear in the midst of anger.

I refuse to wake up covered in sweat because of night terrors.

I refuse to prove myself strong when I never needed to.

I refuse to transfer your abuses onto the people around me.

I refuse to deny the healing that God longs to give me.

I refuse to be a victim.

I choose to be a victor.

I choose to accept the healing that God longs to give me.

I choose to believe the best about the people around me.

I choose to be strong in the power of His might.

I choose to wake up with revelations of His love.

I choose to walk in His perfect love that casts out all fear.

I choose to show affection to God first and allow Him to show affection through me.

I choose to maintain healthy relationships with clear boundaries.

I choose to be free from abuses and regrets in my past.

I choose to declare that to God alone belongs all worship, praise and adoration.

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