The Dragon Slayer

 The most respected job one can have nowadays is to be a dragon trainer.

Flying reptilian beasts follow them around everywhere they go, whispering dark secrets in their ears.

Anyone without a dragon of their own is mocked as destitute and incomplete.

It's as if hearing those secrets and possessing the mystical elements they promise is something to aspire after.

The world somehow came to believe that finding a dragon was tantamount to finding your destiny.

They limited all their problems to a single solution of golden eyes and forked tongues.

Because of it, everyone wants to be the greatest dragon trainer the world has ever seen, which means controlling your dragon so completely that it becomes a part of your very soul.

They refuse to admit the impossibility of it all, for it stands beyond reason to believe that a dragon would begin taking orders from a human.

The truth is, it's not dragons that are being trained, but it's people who are being trained.

It was all a deception from the start to cover up the truth:

There are no dragon trainers, there are only people trainers.

Dragons spread their secrets to convince the world that humans are getting the benefit of the relationship, but I know what's really going on.

Darkness is spreading over the hearts of each "dragon trainer" like an internal sickness only now being revealed externally for what it truly is.

That's why I decided from the very beginning that I'll never be a dragon trainer.

In fact, I'm just the opposite.

I'm a dragon slayer, born for this very purpose:

To disarm every dragon of their teeth and ban them from this realm.

But more importantly, I'm going to set my people free.

Dragons may rule the hearts of men now, but soon, very soon, I'm going to slay the beast so that the world will know the truth.

After that, it will be up to each individual as to what fate they will choose.

As for me, I've already chosen:

I'm a dragon slayer.

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