Where's My Gold (Icebreakers, Social Games, Addictive Games)

 The King must find both pieces of gold to win the game.

2 teams: Red and Black.


Narrator- gives out and hides gold

Jacks- give (revealed) gold to another player (not him or herself)

Queens- change any 2 player cards (does not affect gold)

Kings- steal (revealed) gold from another player

Aces- tell the narrator to hide 1 (revealed) gold (and see where it is hidden)

Jokers (optional)- skip 1 player 1 round

How to play:

1. Using a deck of cards, pass out an equal number of red and black cards to each player (only Jacks through Aces, with optional Jokers).

2. Everyone closes their eyes as the Narrator gives gold (coins) to 2 different players.

3. Choose a starting player and move clockwise in a circle, each character performing 1 of the following 3 actions:

a. Guess who has the gold (if correct, that player must reveal their gold by putting it in front of them).

b. Reveal your own gold (by putting it in front of you).

c. Ability (with the exception of Queens, there must be a revealed gold in front of a player for the characters to perform their ability).

4. The game ends when one of the Kings has both pieces of gold.

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