For the atheists

Some people feel quite safe behind the label of atheist. They look quite smug feeling enlightened with their truth, looking down on the church and pointing out all her flaws and so-called contradictions.

They're so quick to point out the corruption of the church, using words such as Inquisition, Crusades, and Salem witch trials.

They are very comfortable pointing the finger at others as they enjoy the luxury purchased by the blood of the faithful.

They dabble in a little philosophy, a little science, and a new anti-religious title and think that they somehow found freedom.

They're like the audience of the magician, unable to see the chains binding them with fears and powerlessness. They're blind to a truth so obvious it might be considered funny to a child.

And this is the truth, my friend:

Everyone must worship.

Everyone bows before someone or something, a spiritual Being or an intellectual ascent, but everyone pays homage with a life of sacrifice.

As Jesus said, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.

So what about you, my atheist friend?

What do you worship?

What have you given your life to, spent all your time, effort, and money on?

Who is your god?

And most importantly, is that god worthy of your homage?

I know, you just can't believe. And you wonder how I ever could, how anyone ever could.

I never could either, though.

Not until He came.

That changed everything in an instant.

No longer was I bound to worship myself in a meaningless existence where I only hurt others and myself, despite my best efforts not to. Someone greater than myself was there and I had no words in the presence of His beauty. If I could convince you of everything I believe, I would spend a lifetime arguing and writing to do just that, but my words would never be enough to let you glimpse just a faint glimmer of His glory.

Trust me when I say that you have to see Him for yourself. His beauty is unparalleled, His mercy thick in richness. His revelations are so simple that a child could understand them and yet countless pages and scrolls have been written trying to comprehend them.

He is not foreign, nor distant, yet of His vastness and wisdom there is no end.

He is my Provision, my Healer, and my Victory.

He never failed me, not even once.

He is a Father to my orphan heart, a Shepherd to my lost soul, and a Light to my dark path.

His name... IS.

I've known life without Him and I've known life with Him, and I'd rather lose everything, even my own life, if I have to live just one day without Him.

He is the Pearl of great price that I sold everything to get.

And what could I offer for the gift of just knowing Him?

What have I that could ever be worthy enough for Him?

In my desperation and hopelessness, He saw my condition and He made the first move.

He always makes the first move.

Then He waits.

And I stared in disbelief and wonder as He came, born in a manger to an ordinary family obscured in poverty. And that's how He came. Oh the wonders of His life, the wealth of the stories He left behind. And the climax, no one could have expected.

Death. Pain. Heart break.

I know you're in a hurry, so you probably just read over those words as if you understood why they meant, but you have no idea what they were actually describing.

The Author of life, the Creator of paradise, and the pursuing Lover tasted the consequences of sin, rebellion, and hatred, yet there was never any darkness in Him, nor will there ever be.

The Son of God needed a tomb.

It should never be, unless by choice.

He chose to die. He chose to love. And He chose to live.

The tomb is empty, my friend, just go to Jerusalem and see it for yourself.

Are there atheists in this world?

Yes, but not without acknowledging God, for atheist means one who believes there is no God. They can only define themselves in relation to Him, since even a child could come to the conclusion that He either exists or He doesn't.

You choose either way.

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

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