The Paths of Zorin Lcenk (A Novel Snapshot)

 "She's always been a fighter, but even this is too much for her."

Kailey squeezed her fist around her bundled up sleeve. She had to remember this was her father speaking, not her enemy. "Don't say that. That's not what I came to hear."

Her father's eyes lost any trace of light, as if comprehension had completely forsaken him. "I'm sorry, Kailey."

She had only ever seen that expression on her father once before, when he had feared the worst, and at that time, the worst had come. But that enemy was eventually defeated, although several generations later. "No... it's not over yet."

Her father shook his head soberly. "Let her go, Kailey."

Her hand tightened. It was her father's stubbornness. She could never win when he got that way about something, but she knew there was always a reason for it. "There's something you're not telling me..."

"Just her go, Kailey!"

An image of her mother flashed through her mind. A phrase came and went, too quickly to be remembered. Her mother had known... and her father knew now. "She hasn't lost yet, has she?"

Her father's features melted into serenity. She knew what that new expression was... acceptance. He already knew what was going to happen and there was no fear about any of it.

"She's ready to go, Kailey. Let her have what she wants."

Even knowing that her father had a higher perspective couldn't alleviate the anger within her. If it wasn't too late, she refused to give up. "I can't!"

Her father's next word came out quick and fierce, pleading with her daughter. "Why?"

"Because I need her..."

Silence. Her own words sunk in. Emotions sprang out of them like young sprouts from the soil of her heart. It was her own fear holding her back. It was the lack of fear driving her father forward.

"I know... I know. But you'll find your way, just like she has."


"Look at me, Kailey. You're a fighter. It's in you. She's in you. Trust me... You'll find your way. And when you do, you'll lead a generation in your wake. You're going to walk in the paths of Zorin Lcenk. She's given you everything she has. That's why you have to let her go..."

Now it was her turn to ask the question. "Why?"

Her father smiled with such genuineness that there could be no doubts as to his motives. His words would be the force driving her into her destiny. "Because it's your time now."

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