The Amethyst Stone (Jade Creek Book One)

Best friends Tanbi and Julian dream of becoming the next great seafarers, but the world is bigger and more dangerous than they ever imagined. The elders have declared a crisis: rogue crews plague the seas, growing with each passing year.

But there is good news. Elohim has spoken. One of them has been chosen to build a bridge from Scenic City to the great forests across Jade Creek, but if these childhood friends want to remain together through rough seas, there's only one way they can do it:

They'll have to return to the source of all things...

“What once left me breathless and in awe now appeared as plain as the coast I grew up on. There was a thrill in me once, an electricity so real it was contagious and transformational, but alas, that feeling is long gone and now even the most vivid danger couldn’t satisfy the longing for adventure in me. All those great exploits that only few may encounter only built a thirst in my soul for something more, something nothing in this world could satisfy. And so I looked higher. I went back to what my father taught me, the belief of a child who is entrusted with the truth beyond the cosmos – Elohim.”

He grew up on stories about great evil and terrible men. That’s what linked his people together – story. He jumped from his father’s lap with his wooden sword flaying in the wind. He struck nothing but air and yet he vowed to fight evil to become the hero for the next tale. His whole childhood convalesced in a single dream – to wield the sword with honor. He never imagined the day he would find the evil he was looking for. He never would have believed it was real unless he saw it for himself – vowing to fight against evil until the day you stare it face to face and then realize you’re looking at your own reflection. How could someone vowing to defeat all that is wrong become the evil he once despised?

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Mars (A Novel) 火星小說

Mars was instantly uploaded on everyone's communications device.

The Prime Minister ensured it was the answer to their biggest crisis.

It was all about the girl.

And he would do absolutely anything to save her.

But was it really possible for the power of time and space to move heaven enough to solve his crisis?

Or was the worst really upon them?

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FreshAir. A simple environmental organization that found the answer to the greatest environmental threat the world has ever faced. Everything is safe now. Everything except us. A special co-op mission of people called Amphibians explore the new world where everything has grown ten times their normal size.

With incredible abilities to swim through physical matter with strength and speed, they are the only ones left who can face the full force of the wild. It's a fight to survive and humanity is losing. Now it's all up to this group of heroes with a special calling to bridge the gap between the wilderness and humanity.

Amphibians is an adventure that seeks to uncover the courageous spirit in each of us waiting to be revealed during the darkest times as long as we choose to never give up.

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Crossroads 3

 It's finally here...

   And we've been waiting for so long...

      The crossroads of life.

The world busies itself in the daily grind.

The city... it's different than the country. It's... everywhere.

No matter which way you look it tells you what to do.

Walk this way...

Buy this...

Go there...

Say this...

Do that...

Like this...

Love that...

Do you remember life before the city?

We came to the crossroads and there was not a car in sight.

Now there is so much traffic, so many crossroads, that my decision is made for me.

A walk down the strip mall along a busy street...

   Pick up a drink, maybe even a snack...

      I see her there, but I don't dare stare.

Not unless we're at the crossroads...

But she's lost in the rush of the business.

Holding hands, holding a baby, stroller in toe...

Left or right? You have a choice to make.

Who do you want to be?

Who are you really?

I look left... then right...

   I'm searching for something...

      An indication of what's right...

And there it is... my answer:

The narrow way... it's always the hard and narrow way.

The Last Line of Punishment

Punishment, when used appropriately, has a purpose.

It corrects.

It provides an opportunity for restoration.

It values long-term fruit over temporary pleasure.

It is a form of love.

It grants wisdom.

Teaching children, I have experimented with various kinds of punishment, such as standing in a corner, writing extra homework, being left out of games or movies, being scolded, and the shame of failure or inadequacies.

I always thought the last line of punishment to be calling the parents, which can sometimes be more intimidating for a child than the punishment from their teacher.

But there is another form of punishment that I never saw as a punishment before.


Being expelled from school.

As a kid, this seemed like a reward more than a punishment.

Unlike Saturday school, you don't have to come to school at all and you can do whatever you want at home.

With this kind of punishment, wouldn't kids want to get expelled?

But now I realize what the last line of punishment really is:

Giving them everything they want.

Not just some things, but everything.

Can you imagine if we gave a child everything he or she wanted?

They would love it, of course, playing games and eating whatever they wanted.

It would be paradise and they would parade their new lifestyle in front of all their friends.

But it wouldn't take long before the family went bankrupt or the kid was living in his or her own filth.

It wouldn't take long before that child was filled with anxiety and depression with no reason to live.

May it never come to the last line of punishment, but if it does, may they quickly realize their own error before it's too late.

The next time you are running out of options and you have no other punishment left to give out...

Remember that the worst punishment is to give someone everything he or she wants.

Do the Scriptures fit within your Worldview?

He was a good student.

He studied hard.

He took the extracurricular courses to boost his chances.

He even prayed for a good result.

But he didn't get into the program he wanted.


The way you answer that question will indicate your worldview.

Maybe you will say it was fate and that he was destined for another path.

Maybe you will say he didn't do enough to achieve his goal.

Maybe you will say it was bad luck and he should try again.

Maybe you will say, "that's life," and leave it at that.

Maybe you will say there were forces working against him that prevented him from achieving his goal.

Maybe you will say he chose the wrong path from the beginning.

All of these answers are developed from your worldview.

Have you ever wondered why your friends look at the same question in different ways and come up with different answers to the same problem?

It all goes back to your worldview.

When you read the Bible, you will undoubtedly come face to face with a radically different worldview than the most common worldview in your culture. At that point, you will unconsciously make a choice to either a) shift the meaning of the verses you are reading to fit your current worldview or b) shift your own worldview to come to terms with the meaning of those verses.

Unfortunately, we choose the former much too often.

Take a look at Matthew 7:12-14:

“So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few..."

In order to fit these verses within modern worldviews, some of the words have to be radically recontextualized, such as others, gate, destruction, and life. With some simple redefinitions, these verse can fit your worldview, but you have to admit that you have left the original meaning back in the first century.

So why not change your worldview according to the Scriptures?

Because then you will become a minority, which leads to persecution, which is the hard way that leads to life. The easier way is to stay within the majority, but its end is destruction.

Like the story of the rich man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31), those who have comfort living in the majority here will experience torment after death, but those who persevere under persecution in the minority will experience comfort.

Why? Because you produce what you plant.

Death produces death, but life produces life.

How you read the Bible matters.

Forget your worldview.

It never saved anyone yet.

Trust Jesus.

He gives eternal life to all who believe and obey him.












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